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CHAIRMAN'S REPORT 2008 Tuesday, April 25, 2017 

All the members of the PC have been very active this year, working on the various responsibilities and tasks that you will hear about this evening – my thanks to everyone for the time and energy that they continue to put into the Parish Council. I will only mention a few points of interest as we have the individual reports for more detail.

It is sometime since we have had a designated officer for the Parish. We recently had a visit from Kathy Brooks, she is the Community Police Support Officer covering Stoke Row along with a number of surrounding villages. We welcome her and hope that she will be made welcome around the village. The Parish Council remains concerned about the gradual withdrawl of Police services from the area over several years, but this seems to an unstoppable process.

The playground continues to consume a significant amount of PC time and money. Many thanks to Rita for her work on the playground safety checks and other activities. The new gate is being installed this week and will facilitate easier access to the playground for topping up the play surface.

The Maharaja’s Well trustees are a sub-committee of the PC, and I would like to thank them all for the considerable time that they take on Well matters, in particular our thanks go to Helen Harkess-Taylor who manages the Well finances. Redecoration of the Well begins in the next few weeks and will consume most of the accumulated funds.

I would like to thank David Nimmo-Smith (Oxfordshire CC) and Maurice Newlands (SODC) for their attendance at our PC meetings, providing updates on the activities and for representing Stoke Row on local issues.

The PC will continue to work to ensure the maintenance and improvement of the facilities for which we are responsible. We hope that residents will do their bit by continuing to use the village amenities and by participating and organising the many activities that contribute to the life of our village.

Thanks go to Richard Hemphill for his street cleaning and also to Angela Spencer-Harper for the litter blitz, and of course for producing the Stoke Row News. Finally, my thanks to the PC members and Stephen Fox for the footpath work and reports, and in particular for all the work Claire Dunk puts in to ensuring the PC runs smoothly – we very much appreciate it.

Tony Way
April 2008

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