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ANNUAL WELL TRUST MINUTES 2011 Tuesday, April 25, 2017 


The minutes of the AGM of the Maharajah’s Well Management Committee held on 27th October 2011

1. Present
Ms R. Gregory, Ms C. Hale, Mr J. Kennedy, Mrs S. O’Byrne, Mr G. Cook, Mrs C. Dunk (secretary), and Ms Chatterton (part time)

2. Apologies
Apologies were received from Mrs Sloan.

3. Appointment of Chairman
Ms Gregory was nominated as Chairman by Mr Cook seconded by Mr Kennedy and duly elected.

4. Appointment of Treasurer
Mrs C. Hale was nominated by Mrs O’Byrne, seconded by Mrs Gregory and duly elected.

5. Appointment of Secretary
Mrs Dunk continued to be appointed as secretary.

6. Confirmation of Trustees
Mrs R. Gregory
Ms C. Hale
Mr G. Cook
Mrs S. O’ Byrne
Mrs J. Sloan
Mr. J. Kennedy
Ms C. Chatterton

7. Confirmation of the minutes of AGM of 7th October 2010 and the Minutes of 6th September 2011
These minutes were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

8. Finance
a. Current Financial Position
The treasurer issued to all Trustees present a comprehensive Financial Statement showing the position of finances as of 27.10.11 (report issued to all Trustees and would be attached to minutes)

b. Account Administration
Ms Hale had set up internet banking facilities with Santander allowing her to transfer funds directly into the accounts of those who invoiced the Trust. She would advise all Trustees that a payment was to be made prior to it leaving the bank account. Trustees would countersign the email at the next meeting.

The banking mandate was still outstanding. The signatories would be Ms Hale as the contact and treasurer, Ms Gregory, Mr Kennedy and Mrs O’Byrne.

c. Village Hall Car Park Invoice
Mrs Sloan as parish council representative on the village hall committee would ask the village hall committee to invoice the Trust for the use of the car park facilities on at least an annual basis so that the a regular payment could be made.

d. Outstanding Letter to Former Tenant
Mr Cook to write letter to A. Burgess regarding his outstanding debts to the Trust.

9. Well Cottage
a. Inspection of Cottage
This was now due and Ms Chatterton would arrange with tenants a mutually convenient date and time.

b. Plant to replace Pampas Grass
It was agreed that Ms Gregory would purchase an Escallonia “Apple Blossom”. She would arrange for either Peter the gardener or if the tenants preferred themselves to plant.

c. Shower
This had required replacing since the last meeting. It was decided that the certificate for the electrical work would be placed in the well log book together with a list of preferred suppliers and contractors for ease of reference.

d. Radiator
This was currently not heating up. Ms Gregory liaising with contractor H. Butcher but would seek an alternative quote for the work.

10. Well Precinct
a. Information Board
Mr Kennedy had repaired the damaged board. It awaited a coat of green hammerite.

b. Yew Trees
These had become very large and required the top to be flattened and a reduction in width. Ms Hale was waiting for quotes from Heritage Trees, Mr Willis and Prickets. Mr Willis felt that he would not be able to reduce the width as it would leave bare brown branches. Heritage trees felt they would be able to reduce some of the width though their quote was still awaited. Prickets had yet to be contacted.

11. Well Orchard
a. Future management of well orchard
After much discussion the Trustees decided that Green Gym would be asked to schedule in the clearing of gorse and cutting back of brambles around the bandstand area.
Ms Chatterton had still to come back with her investigations into My Forest/ Sylva Foundation and Earth Trust using the facilities of the orchard to run skill classes and teach children.

Trustees wished to explore the possibility of sculptures/totem pole being placed in well orchard, and even commissioning a piece for the 150th anniversary of the well. A willow arch at the entrance to the orchard was also favourably looked on by the Trustees though no definite decisions were made. Mr Cook to put article in SRN

Ms Gregory would finalise plans for the pond survey at the recommended time for 2012.

b. Grass Cutting
Ms Gregory had spoken with Clive Leek regarding grass cutting for 2012. The specification was to have it short at the front between Well Cottage and the playground with a path parallel to the Cuckoo Path leading to the bandstand, pond and playground through a more natural area. C. Leek had estimated 30 cuts at £4K dependent on the growing season and including removing all grass cuttings. Ms Gregory would contact Mr Willis with the same specification, along with alternative contractor that she hoped Henley Wildlife Group could recommend.

c. Hedge Cutting
The hedge along Main Street needed to be cut back to 1.5m (waist height). Mrs O’Byrne to arrange

d. Sign to Playground
Parish Council had agreed to finance this. Ms Gregory to arrange.

12. Next Meeting
Thursday 16th February at 7.45pm The Thatched Cottage (Rita’s House)

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